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Here’s Why Crowdfunding Is The Best Alternative To Health Expenses In India

    Crowdfunding Is The Best Alternative To Health Expenses

    We wish for greater health and prioritize customer convenience. Our healthcare professionals are a reliable and safe resource for diagnosing and treating any health problems that may arise..

    Universal Health Care is a concept that allows every individual access to the same basic healthcare facilities and opportunities when and wherever you need them, no matter if you are rich or poor. Such a concept is not possible in India yet, at least with the current medical infrastructure. But fret not, the Indian government has announced a plan to achieve the Universal Health care goal by 2030, and while that’s a very ambitious goal, it’s still eight years away. How are patients supposed to deal with this now, especially those with acute diseases or disorders? That’s where the organization of Ketto comes in.

    Ketto is the largest online crowdfunding organization whose goal is to use innovative ways to revolutionize the health of everyone in India. Ketto’s entire business model is founded based on the fact that people matter, and so does their health. Ketto’s website seeks to bring special cases of rare diseases and disorders who can’t get the treatment to those in a position with the financial backing and compassion. If a child needs surgery and cancer treatment to survive, but the family doesn’t have the financial support to help their child, Ketto can intervene and get the parents in touch with those who can.

    Current Medical Scenario of India

    According to WHO, almost half a billion people have lost access to quality medical care due to the out-of-pocket health care system. With the Covid-19 pandemic still going in full swing will further push the nation backward, and any progress that has been in the last decade would slowly come to a halt if the situation doesn’t improve anytime soon. The pandemic has already put a lot of strain on every country’s healthcare system, including the developed ones. With India being a developing nation, the healthcare situation is not as good as it is presented. Not to mention, a lot of the healthcare facilities don’t even have proper medical devices, and the ones that they do have are either outdated and/or don’t function properly. How can facilities like that help save lives? No matter how good a doctor is, they can’t save lives with the proper devices. Even with such lackluster medical devices and treatment options, they will charge you a colossal medical bill.

    A majority of the Indian citizens are already out of the range of access to proper health, and many more will soon follow suit. According to the Economic Survey of India, over 30% of the total population of India doesn’t have any health insurance, which makes things even worse as they would now have to pay huge medical bills. It’s not possible for everyone, which could further push you out of access to quality medical facilities. According to the Public Health Foundation of India, 55 million people in India are driven to poverty every year. This is directly due to loss of household income due to sickness or death of the main breadwinner in the household.

    Families are often unable to pay for treatment options for diseases, brain diseases, autoimmune diseases, among others. Even if they can pay for the treatment, there’s no guarantee. Often, patients don’t survive critical surgeries and treatment options, and even if they do make it, there’s still no guarantee, especially with cancer. Cancer is one such disease that can come back even after a full recovery, maybe not immediately but after a few years down the line. Despite the significant advancement in research in cancer, medical science, and the best possible treatments, cancer can come back, also known as a relapse. This is because even with the best chemo and radiation therapy, some cancer cells may still survive but cannot get detected due to the lower number. Still, as time passes, they spread quickly and relapse.

    Frequent visits to the doctor and tests are necessary even after treatment to ensure no relapse, but life may sometimes delay you from taking regular tests. The moment you are late is often the moment for cancer to spread again, and it has happened time and time again. You may somehow afford the treatment the first time with a huge toll on your savings. But if your cancer relapses, you will need to get the same treatment again, which will not only put further strain on your already downward spiraling financial state but will put you in a much worse state in terms of overall health. Cancer treatments can take a huge toll on our bodies.

    How Does Crowdfunding Work in Healthcare?

    What if you paid for your first cancer treatment but can’t pay for the second one? What if someone is even less fortunate than you and can’t even pay for the first? Ketto says that with the innovative approach of crowdfunding programs, they can genuinely make a difference for the less fortunate than others. But the question is, how can crowdfunding make healthcare more affordable or more accessible? A majority of the people have indeed crossed the poverty line, but not of all of us. If the people who are fortunate enough to live healthily and have the financial backing decide to help their fellow human beings and the less fortunate by just lending them a little, no matter how small, it can still make a difference. If many people start doing the same, one can generate enough financial help to aid all those who need it.

    This is what you call crowdfunding, where a crowd comes in to pay an amount, no matter how small, which can go a long way into saving someone’s life. There are a whole lot of people who need medical treatments such as stem cell transplantation for leukemia or other types of blood cancer, severe fungal infections that can cause death if not treated, cancer in your lymph nodes(lymphoma), or autoimmune diseases which can make your immune system to attack against your own body. The crowdfunding allows Ketto to gather enough funds to initiate the patient’s treatment, and when they recover, they will also help pay their medical bills.

    How Much of an Impact Does Crowdfunding Make in Our Existing Medical System?

    Medical crowdfunding has proven to be very effective and has raised a lot of funds. The people at most risk are our top priority, and a majority of our funds go towards them. According to the Globocan 2020 report, as many as 20 thousand new blood cancer cases in children are reported every year, and that’s just the number of children. The number of total cases is far higher than that. Many children lose their lives from various types of cancer due to the financial instability of their parents, but that all changes with Ketto. Ketto has raised hundreds and hundreds of crores of money from thousands of fundraisers to help children who have leukemia or other types of cancer.

    Let’s take the example of the current pandemic. For the Coronavirus pandemic, Ketto has raised Rs. 3,90,38,85,674 from 4,423 fundraisers, and all these funds are already being spent on Covid-19 patients. As much as 2,20,283 donors have donated for the cause and benefit of the citizens of India who needed the most.

    What Else can Ketto do?

    Apart from raising funds for the health and the welfare of the people of India, Ketto often raises funds to advance the education of children whose parents can’t pay their tuition fees. Ketto also helps deal with medical treatments of domesticated and stray pets and funds the development of animal centers so that stray dogs and cats have a better place to live and get food.

    How Can You Benefit From Ketto’s Crowdfunding?

    If you or anyone in your family or someone you know is sick and doesn’t have the financial support to pay for their treatments, Ketto can help. All you need to do is visit Ketto’s website and fill in an application to get. To minimize fraudulent activities that often happen, Ketto has specific criteria which you will need to meet, and Ketto will contact you.

    How Can You Help Ketto Save Lives?

    If you are fortunate enough and blessed to live a happy life, remember that some didn’t get the same blessings as you and need your help or anyone willing to donate their cause. To learn more, visit Ketto’s website to get started, and everything you need to know is in there. We hope you can help those in serious need, and Ketto is the way to go.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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