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Fundraising Ideas for Funerals

    Fundraising Ideas for Funerals

    Dealing with the loss of a loved one can be emotionally devastating and very stressful. And let’s be honest, funerals can be expensive when you consider the cost of the memorial hall, cemetery, coffin, and food. If your family is low on finances and needs help to pay for funeral expenses, fundraising is the best way to raise the required money. At Ketto, we aim to make it easier for people in need to raise funds.

    Deciding how to fundraise can be tedious with so many different choices out there. Therefore, we’ve decided to simplify the process by compiling a list of some of the best fundraising ideas to manage funeral costs:

    1. Crowdfunding

    Crowdfunding is an uncomplicated way to raise money for a cause or a project by collecting donations from many individuals. A lot of families use crowdfunding as a way to pay for funeral expenses today. Starting a crowdfunding campaign with the Ketto fundraising online platform allows you to raise funds without any hassle to support your financial needs.

    How to start a crowdfunding campaign?

    Step 1 – Finalize a funeral home you trust, understand the cost of hosting a funeral there, and set your goals accordingly.

    Step 2 – Depending on your requirements, choose a reputed crowdfunding site like Ketto and register on it.

    Step 3 – Create a heartfelt description of your campaign and tell a compelling story to maximize the chances of contribution. Photos and videos are a great way to engage with readers.

    Step 4 – Finally, provide your bank information or the details of the chosen funeral home to which the funds will be going.

    2. Organize a memorial dinner

    Organizing a memorial dinner is an easy way to bring your family and friends together and raise money after the death of a loved one. To host a dinner, finalize the menu, time and location, and send out the invitations. Deliver a touching speech at the start of the meal and request for contributions to manage the funeral costs and other expenses.

    3. Host a bake sale

    Bake sales are a low-cost and straightforward way to raise funds. They can quickly add a few thousand rupees or more to support your cause. All you need is some pastries, cookies, cupcakes, a table, and a high-traffic area to set up and start this project. You can also promote your bake sale in advance to attract more people.

    4. Selling personalized merchandise

    Selling custom-made products such as hats and t-shirts is a great way to raise money after the passing of a loved one. You can personalize the merchandise with pictures and phrases to make them unique and quirky. To start with, set up a booth or stand to get people’s attention and maximize your sales. Remember to promote your products online so that you can reach a wider audience.

    5. Fundraising on Facebook

    Everyone knows that people can share memories and interact with their family, friends and supporters on Facebook. But very few are aware that it comes with an inbuilt fundraising feature. You can conveniently use this feature to raise money for a funeral or memorial fund.

    6. Silent auction

    A silent auction is a meaningful way to raise funds and interact with your supporters, family and friends. Gather a few lovely high-value items and set them out on a sheet to hold a silent auction. You can ask your family, friends and relatives to donate some items to your silent auction. You can make this a great fundraising idea for funerals by combining it with the bake sale.

    7. Charity auction

    A charity auction can be a simple method to raise money for funeral and memorial costs. A great way to get items for a charity auction is to write a compelling letter to local businesses and wellwishers, encouraging them to donate to your auction. All you have to do is hire an auctioneer, send the invitation, and cater food and drinks.

    8. Build a customized donation page on Ketto

    Developing a customized donation page allows you to personalize your fundraising campaign according to your needs. You can create a page on Ketto to share photos, videos, and memories of your loved one and update information regarding the funeral service. By building a donation page, you don’t have to use various social media accounts and platforms; people can find everything in one place.

    9. Hold a used books sale

    Selling used books is an easy and affordable fundraising idea because it allows you to raise money in exchange for a given product. If your loved one was fond of reading books, it could be a great way to honor them. You can sell their old books or even ask members of your community to contribute to your used books sale.

    10. Arrange a yoga class

    Arranging a yoga or meditation class is a great fundraising idea for people suffering from the grief of losing someone. It can be incredibly healing for them after going through the emotional trauma of their loved one’s death. To arrange a yoga class, you have to arrange a donated community hall and a yoga instructor, and sell the tickets to your family and friends.

    11. Host an art show

    If your loved one cherished art exhibitions, hosting an art show is a great way to remember them. You can book a donated studio hall to display their favorite art and charge admission fees or sell them to raise funds. You could also reach out to local artists to showcase their work at your art show.

    12. Organize a concert

    There is no better way to say goodbye to a loved one than to host a concert in their honor.  You can hire music artists to perform in the departed soul’s favorite music genre, and invite the entire community to pay tribute. You can charge entry fees and raise additional funds throughout the concert. However, make sure to advertise your event and sell entry tickets in advance.

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