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HelpNow – a 24×7 Ambulance Network For India’s COVID-19 Patients

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    HelpNow - a 24x7 Ambulance Network

    Today, disease and infections have become increasingly common, especially with the unfortunate spread of the COVID-19 virus that led to the pandemic. No one could have predicted the insurmountable toll this took on millions of healthy lives. However, with esteemed endeavours, HelpNow has been quite successful in leading the way for healthcare workers and in addressing the primary needs of ill and infected people.

    Why HelpNow?

    Until recently, even major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru faced shortages of oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, ALS and BLS ambulances, and even healthcare workers. But with the rise of HelpNow as a full-fledged initiative, this issue has been resolved quite rapidly.

    However, the coming days are crucial for India. As festivities commence and lockdown rules are relaxed, the number of COVID-19 infections can rise exponentially. There is a significant possibility of a new wave of infections from different strains and mutations as well.

    In such circumstances, HelpNow, an initiative founded by young students, is providing a safe, 24×7 logistics network for transporting COVID patients, drugs, phlebotomists, healthcare workers and blood/organs/medical supplies in India. HelpNow is listed as a campaign on Ketto which fetched donations from all around the globe, and it is close to reaching its 2.5 crore rupees goal.

    What has Help Now Achieved?

    To date, HelpNow has been supported by over 4700 generous contributors and raised over 2.4 crore rupees. However, this sum is not sufficient considering the ever-growing need to develop medical infrastructure and create a sustainable network for medical professionals and patients alike. HelpNow also provides free ambulance support to those that are slum-dwellers or poverty-stricken.

    For instance, there is an acute shortage of public ambulances, which is causing thousands of deaths that are otherwise preventable. There are frequent delays and a lack of equipment such as PPEs and essential drugs, as well. Moreover, HelpNow’s network of ambulances comes as a relief for city hospitals and for the government officials as a safe and reliable partner. HelpNow’s vehicles are all sanitized after each trip, the staff is professionally trained and equipped with medical equipment such as ventilators, masks, disposable PPEs, etc.

    Where is Help Now operational?

    HelpNow is currently operational in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune, and they look forward to scaling their COVID network to many more such densely populated cities. HelpNow’s main mission is to directly impact the lives of over 10,000 COVID-19 patients across India.

    HelpNow is perhaps one of the most successful networks of medical aid and ambulances in India today. All the employees are trained and have the necessary medical expertise, and the leadership is highly cooperative and sympathetic to the bigger picture, the ultimate cause. These are indicators of a good non-governmental organization that can sustain itself for the long run even if tough times of today get more difficult tomorrow.

    How to contribute?

    You should perhaps share and spread the word to help HelpNow reach a larger audience to support their cause and help them meet the goals and objectives for their crowdfunding fundraiser on Ketto. In this way, even you can be a part of such a great initiative that can in the recent future revolutionize the way we treat COVID-19 patients and the disease at large.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment