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How Education Crowdfunding Can Impact Students from Government Schools

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    Education Crowdfunding Impacting Students from Government Schools

    India is the second most populated country in the world, with people from diverse socio-economic backgrounds. A massive disparity exists in India regarding education due to poverty and lack of money. People from lower socio-economic backgrounds often send their children to government schools for free education or a nominal tuition fee. The condition of many government-run schools is abysmal as they lack basic infrastructure, electricity, playgrounds, classrooms, labs, etc., depriving students of basic education. However, education crowdfunding help breaks this barrier and helps raise funds to improve the conditions of such government-run schools.

    Fundraising for government schools to develop infrastructure, funds for books & essentials, and build computer labs, laboratories, toilets, etc., positively impacts those students studying in government schools. It helps maintain equality and upgrades the quality of education. Private schools have access to all the facilities, but it is truly a struggle for government-funded schools.

    Why do government schools need funds? 

    Private schools have the necessary funds to ensure world-class infrastructure and student amenities. These schools can afford to provide a quality education because of the high fee charged by the students. However, government schools run on fund allocation by the government and mostly offer free education or charge a very nominal fee from the students. India needs more government schools as it supports the education of nearly 60% of India’s children.

    The limited allocation of funds by the government is not enough to develop a government school, even with the basic amenities. Education crowdfunding help in raising funds and use the same for offering better educational facilities. Although an allocation of Rs 54 874 crores was made in 2021-22 towards the Department of School Education and Literacy, it is not enough to fulfill all the criteria or build infrastructure for quality education. Hence, crowdfunding through platforms like Ketto help raise funds to fulfill a certain goal.  

    Education Crowdfunding and its role in improving government school

    Crowdfunding and school fundraising campaigns allow people to contribute and help educate India. Education crowdfunding is an effective way to tackle and solve the problems faced by government schools in India. It helps expand and increase the budget so that schools work on improving infrastructure and providing better education.

    Budget expansion for developing infrastructure

    Many government schools lack basic facilities like tables and chairs, toilets, drinking water, etc. Despite government funding, schools are unable to allocate funds for infrastructural development. Crowdfunding for education is a way to expand the existing budget and utilize the funds to develop basic facilities. The funds allow the government-run schools to build classrooms, clean water supply, proper electricity, toilets, etc.

    The fund impacts the students by availing school equipment and necessary student supplies. The crowdfunding funds help buy books, notebooks, basic stationeries, etc., for the students. The money even goes into providing underprivileged students uniforms.

    Build computer labs and science laboratories 

    Computer labs are essential as students need to learn how to use a computer for higher education. However, building a computer lab is not easy and requires funds to build the room, purchase the computers, and install the PCs. School fundraising campaigns are an effective way to raise funds for building a computer lab.

    Education crowdfunding also helps accumulate funds or money for designing small-scale science laboratories in government schools that offer higher secondary education. Setting up a lab help students learn better through experiments and impacts their overall knowledge.

    Hire good teachers to educate students 

    One of the primary reasons teachers do not want to teach at a government school is confusion around the regularity of the salary. Many teachers who work with government schools have claimed to have not received their salary for months. Crowdfunding is a great way to raise funds that helps in hiring good teachers and making on-time salary payments. Teachers and their way of teaching greatly impact the students and their capability to pursue education.

    Create an allotment for extra-curricular activities 

    While government schools manage the basic amenities and facilities, extra funds from education crowdfunding help to make provision for extra-curricular activities, education does not only mean classroom and blackboard learning but requires holistic learning. Extra-curricular activities like sports, music, dance, drama, art & craft, etc., impact the children and helps with skill building. 

    Government schools, with their limited funding, are not able to include a lot of extra-curricular activities. Fundraising campaigns help in accumulating funds for investing in such activities. For example, if a school does not have a playground, the funding can help build a playground for the students. Crowdfunding for educational projects impacts students by providing more opportunities to learn and improve skills. 

    Spread voice of digital education 

    The face of education in India has changed tremendously over the past few years. During the pandemic, online learning and remote schooling have taken a front seat. Students who could not afford laptops or phones were left out of the online education system. Education fundraising helps raise funds to integrate and equip better technologies for teaching and facilitating digitalization. 

    The funding campaigns have helped students access PCs or phones for uninterrupted digital learning. Although there are larger loopholes and issues that the government schools are tackling, education fundraising helps buy projectors or accessories that support digital education. 

    Provide meals for the students 

    A huge percentage of underprivileged students study in government schools. Crowdfunding is an effective way to raise funds for providing meals for students. Although governments allocate a certain amount of funds for midday meals, it is not always enough to provide a wholesome and healthy meal. With the fundraising, the school management can afford to provide food to the students and contribute towards their better health. 


    Education crowdfunding campaigns effectively raise funds for the development of government schools and ensure that students get access to quality education. Fundraisers have helped many schools build better infrastructure and spread education in rural areas. Education is the pillar stone for transforming and creating a better society and country. Effective crowdfunding allows a government school to raise funds for quality education.

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