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How to Create Crowdfunding for Artists?

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    In India, many artists have mastered the art through years of rigorous training and hard work. But, not everyone is fortunate enough to make a mark in the world. Many artists, despite being talented, don’t get the fame and recognition they deserve mainly because they don’t get the right support or have the platform to showcase their skill.

    But, today, this is changing. You will see many people lining up (virtually) to buy tickets to their local art studio’s opening night. There are people commissioning portraits from lesser-known but extremely talented artists for a respectable amount of money. 

    So, how do artists such as painters, sculptors, architects, indie filmmakers, photographers sustain themselves? How do they keep their passions burning? The simple answer is, through the patronage and support of hundreds and thousands of admirers who may not have deep pockets but have a deep sense of admiration for art and artists. A lot of artists depend on crowdfunding to get the necessary funds. 

    What is crowdfunding for creative projects?

    Crowdfunding is a way to raise money for your cause or project with donations or funding from many people who contribute small amounts. For example, an amateur director who wants to raise funds for a niche film that no big production house wants to fund will start a crowdfunding campaign. They will talk about the movie idea and mention the funds they are looking to raise. People who come to the campaign page will donate if they like the director’s vision. 

    Now, let’s look at what it takes to start creative crowdfunding. We shall illustrate the process of creating a crowdfunding campaign with an example of a filmmaker raising funds to make an independent film.

    Attention-grabbing title

    Weave your magic right from the beginning. Think of a catchy title for your campaign. The title must tell the potential donor what your campaign is about and what changes their contribution will lead to. Try to make it something that can be turned into a potentially trending hashtag. This will help your campaign get more attention on social media platforms, leading to more donations. 

    Powerful video

    Your campaign needs a compelling narrative. How about you make a short video talking about your movie? Better yet, if you have some funds, then you can make a short trailer of

    your film and include it on the fundraiser page. Just like any other movie trailer, this will get the audience interested and invested in your project. Furthermore, it will give them a glimpse of what their contribution will create. Along with the video, write some content talking about what the movie means to you.  

    Mention the goal and timeline

    Be realistic and share the amount you wish to raise. Invest enough time and effort into budgeting and arriving at an estimated cost of making the movie. If possible, put up the details of the various cost heads. It will lend transparency to your campaign. Mention the timelines of your production. Tell you donors about the shooting schedule, the estimated time for post-production work and trailer release. This will help make the movie a more tangible goal than just an abstract idea and encourage potential donors to donate.

    Offer rewards

    You can offer a special reward (if possible) to the investors. How about a special cameo for anyone who donates more than ₹50, 000? Or a special ‘thank you’ during the end credits for those who donate more than ₹1, 00, 000? In a rewards-based crowdfunding campaign, offering valuable incentives like these can encourage the donors to contribute more as they also get something in return. It’s a win-win situation for you and the donor. 

    Shout outs and updates

    You can send a personalised note to express your gratitude to the donors and tell them how their support will help you achieve your dreams. Donation is not a one-time effort. You can build your support network, some real bonds with your donors. They can also act as your fans when your movie (or any other project) takes off as they feel so invested in your dream.  

    Post regular updates on how much you have raised, what part of your project has started filming. You can share pictures, behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with your team. This will show your donors and potential donors what all can happen with the right kind of funding. 

    As an artist, you can use your creativity to design your own crowdfunding campaign and showcase your ingenuity to the world. Show the world how well you ‘Art’iculate and surely will get the desired funds.

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