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Raise Money for Pet Surgery

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    Pet Surgery

    Veterinary care is expensive in India, and veterinary surgery for pets can be a challenging affair. It can be scary when your pet needs surgery, more so if you lack the means to fund their medical care. Moreover, emergency surgery and diagnostic testing burn a hole in your pocket. People often cannot afford these procedures for their pets or rescue animals because of the exorbitant prices.

    However, these surgeries are vital for keeping your pets healthy and saving their lives. There are various options if you wish to raise money for pet surgery. In this article, we cover four of the most effective ways to raise funds for pet surgery.

    Best Ways to Raise Money for Pet Surgery 

    You can take the help of animal enthusiasts and activists who are willing to donate or pay for the surgery. Crowdfunding or hosting a well-organized fundraiser can also help you greatly in saving your pet’s life. Let us look at the different ways to raise money for pet surgery.

    1. Internet Crowdfunding

    With the help of other animal lovers, internet crowdfunding assures no animal lacks medical care simply due to a financial crunch. These funding campaigns are among the most popular and easiest ways to raise help for pet surgeries.

    Dedicated crowdfunding platforms such as Ketto frequently collaborate with social networking sites to handle financing campaigns and transactions. It is a quick and efficient method for raising money for your pet’s surgery. Further, the technique comes in handy, especially in times of medical emergency.

    Authentic social media publicity is crucial for raising funds digitally. You can put up pictures of your pet on the internet to support your message. To ensure openness and authenticity, you could upload your pet’s medical documents. It is better to be fully transparent so that people know what they’re donating for. It can also give your campaign an advantage over others that lack sufficient proof.

    Make sure to keep posting updates about your pet and their health. It is another way of ensuring people that their money is being put to good use. Moreover, it gives the donors a great sense of ease and responsibility to watch their contribution change someone’s life.

    2. Donation Matching

    Donation matching is a method by which corporations donate to a non-profit. They match the contribution of their employee, and the funds generated go toward a charitable organization. You can try talking to a local business or an individual with a high net worth and social mileage to match the money you have managed to raise.

    Thus, you can build a connection with the company or individual and allow them to raise their credibility. Moreover, it can be beneficial for you in the future as well. Many non-profit organizations partner with companies through this route and end up raising a hefty amount. You can try it too and build a strong network.

    3. Non-Profit Organizations

    Numerous non-profit organizations help people raise money for pet surgery. Start by researching such organizations that are present in your locality. You could also try to approach them to find a solution for your pet’s surgery. A quick online search can lead you to relevant organizations.

    Further, ensure to check out the eligibility criteria beforehand. You can safeguard your mission by being proactive and communicating with the NGO’s point of contact. Thus, if something does not work out, the organization may connect you to others who can help your cause more fruitfully.

    Here again, submitting your pet’s medical bills and relevant documents can prove to be helpful. Besides conveying the urgency of funds, it can help speed up the procedure, and you may receive timely help. Further, they can be beneficial for your pet in the future for other issues as well.

    4. Holding Charity Auctions

    Charity auctions are one of the best and most practiced ways to raise money for pet surgery. These auctions are a superb way to stack up funds and find like-minded supporters for your cause. Here, the auction attendees can help your cause by raising funds for your pet’s surgery.

    Setting up a charity auction does not have to be expensive or extravagant. To make it more welcoming, arrange for food and beverages at a venue. You can invite veterinarians or animal rescuers to give speeches at the event. Thus, people attending the auction will take away a lot from the event, not just the freebies and delicious food.

    What’s more, you can spread awareness about pet-related issues at these events and generate funds through donations. It can be a great way of connecting with a network that may help you further in the future.


    Fundraising can open up new doors for you. Besides benefiting concerned pet parents, it helps animal shelters meet expenses too. The daily expenses and vet bills can pose challenges for pet parents. Luckily, there are various options you can avail of to lessen the burden of your pet’s surgery expenses.

    When you have pets that are like family to you, unexpected vet bills or emergencies can be stressful. However, we hope these different ways to raise money for pet surgery were helpful. Most importantly, we wish your pet a speedy recovery and a healthy and happy life. 

    Ketto is an online crowdfunding platform in India with a vision of “Healthcare for all.” And this extends to pets as well! You can use Ketto to raise money for pet surgery efficiently and receive payments from around the world, as we support international payments. Ketto has raised lakhs of rupees from 55 lakh donors since 2012. Thus, you’ll be able to successfully raise funds for your pet’s medical care without any hassle.

    Our dedicated support team is always happy to help you resolve any difficulties. A digital agreement protects you and ensures that the people are donating to a genuine cause. You can also bring about social change by making people aware of pet surgeries through Ketto. Similarly, you can donate to other causes to help people, organizations, or animals in need. Donate today and drive social change!

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