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5 Ways Cancer Patients Can Raise Money for Medical Bills

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    5 Ways Cancer Patients Can Raise Money for Medical Bills

    Cancer, a malfunctioning disease that disrupts a person’s entire life, can be arduous to deal with—physically as well as financially. It can weaken and shake one’s will to live. Surviving such a disease is equivalent to being between the devil and the deep blue sea. There are plenty of treatments for cancer patients, including chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, etc. The treatments go a long way and need continuous expenditure on various medical resources and medicines. This drains one’s financial resources and strength. So, what can be done to accommodate such expenses? 

    Here are five methods to raise money for the medical bills of cancer patients

    Crowdfunding is the process of collecting funds from around the world through online fundraising platforms like Ketto. It becomes easier when one gets assistance from people globally. Such campaigns are effortless; one only has to find an impeccable crowdfunding platform, fix the fundraiser’s goal for cancer patients, and give a shout-out to the campaign on multiple social media platforms. 

    One can easily start a fundraiser for cancer patients on Ketto. It doesn’t charge a platform fee and has a wide target audience base. As Asia’s leading fundraising platform, Ketto raised USD 51.7 million in 2021. This makes it a successful fundraising website that aims to respect people and their healthcare needs. 


    Charity events like concerts, walking marathons, and community lunches where one can invite many people are appropriate to raise money for medical bills.

    Such events are powerful attention grabbers and can help collect a large amount of money within a day. One can also connect and invite famous personalities to events, as they are known to donate generously to causes like helping cancer patients. This can attract the masses and motivate them to donate to a social cause. Although one must invest in arranging venues, food, and equipment to host such an event, every effort is ultimately worth it. 


    Those who are good at crafts and decor can use their talent to gather funds. Homemade merchandise like resin artwork, paintings, decor items, pottery, etc., have a huge market. Such items are considered a distinctive art form and are valued among the masses. People who possess knowledge of craft and handmade items usually prefer buying such items online. This can give a person with crafty skills the opportunity to display their work online and sell it at reasonable prices. It can further help one generate funds for cancer patients. One can also promote their work through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

    Organising workshops to tutor children is another idea one can explore to raise money for medical bills. It can fetch the required amount for the treatment within a few weeks. One can also add the purpose of selling these items on a little note attached to the packaging. This will help capture donors’ attention and encourage them to buy more and contribute to the cause. 


    Selling items no longer in use can also assist one in raising money for medical bills. It can become an uphill climb for a person to gather money for chemotherapy, radiation, post-surgical needs, and medicines. Expenses constantly occur while one is undergoing cancer treatment. Frequent hospital visits, paying doctor’s visit fees, buying different medicines, etc., can exhaust one’s monthly budget. In such cases, a person can sell things around their home in garage sales. These sales are highly successful in terms of gathering money. Telling people the intention of hosting the sale fetches supportive feedback and makes them donate some amount to the cause. One can sell old books, clothes, furniture, and unused electronics in such sales. 


    Donations or charity boxes serve as units of kindness in public places. People who willingly want to make a change in society usually put money in such boxes. One can place these boxes in crowded areas like churches, temples, nearby stores, etc. Moreover, one can place these boxes in supermarkets and ask people to donate by spreading information about the cause through pamphlets. These pages or pamphlets should reflect the cause and story behind the fundraiser. This will enhance the trust and legitimacy of the fundraising drive, motivating people to contribute to social well-being and help those in need. 

    People are aware that cancer patients need constant care and financial support. This will also support the cause and help to raise money for medical bills quickly.  

    In light of these! 

    Despite being in great distress and needing money, some may hesitate to ask friends and relatives for help. In such cases, crowdfunding and indirect sources to raise money for medical bills are a huge helping hand to cancer patients. They not only ward off the pressure of arranging money but also assure sufferers that they are not alone in their journey. Crowdfunding campaigns are a huge hit to generate funds at the earliest. One can easily manage and monitor the funds from a remote location. This makes the platform highly accessible. Along with crowdfunding, one can also try various methods, such as those listed above, to generate an extra network of support for cancer patients.

    Ketto has hosted over 20,000 campaigns, facilitated over 10,000 critical surgeries and surgical transplants, and impacted 52 million lives. This makes the platform a unit to help those in distress.

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