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Give The Gift of Health to A Girl Child In 3 Easy Steps

    Factors to Choose for Education Fundraising Platform

    If there is one issue that affects a Girl Child worldwide, they will tend to place their needs and health concerns last. When it comes to Girl Child care, it is important that the mother follows a healthy healthcare regime for herself.

    It is well known that a Girl Child needs more nutrients like calcium, iron, proteins etc., in their childhood due to puberty and later in life menopause as they bring in a lot of hormonal and chemical changes in their body.

    A Girl Child from her childhood should be made aware of the importance of having good health. A Girl Child should be taken care of in terms of her mental health, and there should be an emphasis on nourishing her body with the right amount of nutrients.

    A good nutritional diet plan for a Girl Child should look like having at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables alongside dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cheese, butter and eggs, providing a source of calcium.

    Our nation has proven to be one of the first countries to identify the importance of the health of the Girl Child and have paid attention to improving the overall status of the Girl Child in society in terms of medical and cancer treatment.

    In 2005 the Government of India announced free and reduced-cost education for girls. Families having two girls were promised a haircut of up to 50% on their education. Adding to this, the Government also introduced National Nutrition Policy in 1993 to provide adequate nutrition to Girl Child during adolescence.

    As responsible citizens of society, we can also lend a helping hand towards this issue by starting a Girl Child campaign on Ketto rather than searching for suitable Crowdfunding Platforms.

    The Goals and Details for the Fundraiser

    Starting a fundraiser is not complicated at all. However, it is a must to know all the vital points and goals and keep them in mind.

    Since our primary goal is for climate change, we need to tell a few details about ourselves and those who may fall in the needy category: those impacted greatly by climate change.

    We may also need to provide certain documents that will be verified for their validity. This will ensure that we genuinely wish to pull off a fundraiser.

    Staying Ahead of Time and Signing Up on Ketto

    As it is always said – prevention is better than cure. Therefore, if we plan ahead of ourselves and take instantaneous actions against climate change, our Crowdfunding can take on an excellent shape in no time.

    Ketto makes it unbelievably easy to start our own fundraiser without making a mess and getting worked up for no good. Therefore, as environmental entrepreneurs, we must sign up on Ketto as soon as possible.

    Ketto also provides flexibility and control on pay-out. It ensures that the money we are raising is ours only; we can withdraw it at any point during our Crowdfunding for Girl Child campaign.

    Sharing the Fundraiser

    After successfully creating a fundraiser, we must share it with our friends and family. Closer people are the most potent for sharing since we can expect a prompt reaction and support from them.

    We can even share our campaign on various social media handles like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and E-Mail. People are most active on social media channels, so it is much more likely to get a positive response.

    Ketto also has a fascinating capability to allow different people to manage our fundraiser. We can use this to our advantage to allow our colleagues to control raising funds when we are not in the condition.

    Withdrawal of Funds

    Once our fundraiser has reached its goal, we can easily and quickly withdraw the funds into our bank account.

    Ketto, unlike other fundraising platforms, allows us the flexibility to withdraw our funds at any time. Also, there is no deduction in the overall funds collected, attributing to transaction or processing fees.

    Since our campaign is at a global level, we might be tending to acquire funds across the globe. Fortunately, the currency is not an issue since Ketto accepts donations in multiple currencies!

    Benefits of using Ketto for Fundraising

    By signing up on Ketto, we will get a personalised web app. Through this medium, we will get instant updates regarding the fundraiser’s progress via instant alerts and e-mails.

    Ketto also offers 24/7 assistance. So we don’t need to bother asking our queries or wondering when they will be resolved.

    Another aspect that most people are concerned about is the safety of data and money. Amazingly, Ketto provides unfathomable security regarding the privacy and safety of user data and the fund being raised.

    Girl Child health care is a complicated matter that has to be addressed globally. To tackle this problem, living in India, we must begin at a national level – Crowdfunding India. Although it’s easy to just state, it’s even more difficult to implement.

    Ketto also answers some questions that people may typically have, such as:

    • How do I raise funds?
    • Is it safe?
    • How to address my further queries, if any?

    Ketto has answers to all sorts of questions that we may raise before starting a fundraiser.

    Therefore, it becomes much easier to raise funds for our Girl Child health care campaign in this manner. As sustainable and environmental entrepreneurs, rather than going haywire on the subject of Crowdfunding, it is prudent to accumulate knowledge and then raise funds.


    Health care for Girl Child is a matter of international importance and needs to be addressed with utmost urgency. However, this won’t be possible through sheer willpower alone. As an entrepreneur, we need to raise funds to tackle this crisis.

    However, it isn’t an easy task to get a funding source without compromising the appeal of our projects to investors.

    There are numerous online platforms on which we can effectively start crowdfunding for our long-term project. Ketto is one such authentic platform that is safe and promising to use.

    On Ketto, all we require is to start our fundraiser with specific goals, share them with friends and family, and finally withdraw the funds directly into our bank account.

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