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10 Unique Ways to Fundraise for Kids With No Families

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    Fundraise for Kids With No Families

    Every kid deserves the best support and care. Nevertheless, not every kid gets access to the resources they need. Fundraising can make this possible. Through fundraising, underprivileged kids can get everything they might need, such as food, shelter, medical care, and education. This article mentions a few unique ways to fundraise for kids with no families to provide them with what they need and improve their quality of life.

    Fundraising for underprivileged kids is a noble thought and should be supported at all costs. If you are hunting for some unique crowdfunding ideas on how to raise funds to fulfil the needs of kids who have no families, here are a few unique ideas that might come in handy:

    1. Hosting a car wash campaign

    Hosting a car wash campaign is one of the classic and most successful fundraising events. Apart from keeping the cars in your community sparkling clean, this can also be a great fun activity for the team. Make sure you have an online registration form that can get you the money ahead of time.

    2. Organizing a dinner night at a restaurant

    Get in touch with a restaurant in your area that might be ready to donate a specific portion of their sales to your cause. Many national chain restaurants might be interested in participating in such fundraising programmes.

    Once you have talked it out with the restaurant, ensure you promote the event through fliers and social media posts and encourage people to support your cause by dining at the chosen restaurant on a particular day.

    3. Selling used books

    Worn-out library books and outdated textbooks can also make up for an education crowdfunding campaign for some needy kids. Collect used books from your neighborhood and put them up for sale to raise money for your cause. To make it fun, you can even create some trendy covers or attractive bookmarks that can add to their value.

    4. Selling handmade holiday cards or gift bags

    Holidays can be great occasions to connect with family and friends and shower them with your love. Bring together a few creative kids and have them create some innovative holiday cards and gift bags that you can put up for sale. You can set them up on a table at a prime location or sell them online through one of the crowdfunding websites or a Facebook page.

    5. Organizing a clean-up challenge

    Cleaning up parks, beaches, and a few other areas of your community can be a great way to crowdfund for education. You can create an event and set up a fundraising page on one of the crowdsourcing platforms to get some donations. Arrange a few trash bags and have the participants pick up the litter in the area. Apart from raising funds for your noble cause, you can also enjoy the satisfaction of seeing sparkling clean regions that the people of your community can enjoy.

    6. Setting up a concession stand

    Choose a day when your school sports team or the club team has a game and set up a few stalls where you can sell some homemade treats to the loyal spectators. You can have some volunteers bake some goodies or put together a few snacks for the event. Add some hot chocolate or cool lemonade to the menu, depending on the weather. You can also sell some T-shirts, jerseys, mugs, hats, and other merchandise items to generate more funds for your campaign. You can even plan a photo shoot with the winning team to add fun. You can set up an online store to sell this merchandise before the event.

    7. Organizing a sponsored walk

    Whether it’s a 10k walk or a full marathon, organizing a sponsored walk can help you generate funds for your noble cause. Promote the event extensively to ensure you have a good number of participants. Select a circular route that starts and finishes at the same place and a time and day when there is not much traffic. You may even want to contact the local authorities if you wish to apply for a road closure. Don’t forget to carry out a risk assessment and have an ambulance or first aid-trained personnel on board.

    8. Hosting a yoga class or Zumba event

    If you have a lot of fitness freaks in your society, this can be a great way of educating and crowdfunding underprivileged kids. Get a yoga teacher or a Zumba teacher who might be game to hold a not-for-profit class. You can even find a sponsor to arrange for a few yoga mats or props. Get started by challenging participants to perform a specified number of Sun Salutations or move through an endless rhythm for a particular time.

    9. Setting up a clothes and shoe drive fundraiser

    Kids tend to outgrow clothes and shoes before you even know it. These wearables can be sold to raise money for a good cause. Have a collection location specified and promote the event through posters, fliers, emails, and social media posts. You can have a couple of collection days so potential donors can get some time to donate what they can. Have a few volunteers sort out the collected items so they can be priced reasonably. Decorate the place for the event so that it attracts people who pass by. Such events can be great for raising awareness about your noble cause and even decluttering homes.

    10. Organizing a talent show

    Kids love participating in talent shows, and their parents love seeing them perform on stage. You can use this opportunity to raise a decent amount of money for your cause. Line up a few willing performers and advertise the event in your neighborhood. You can have some tickets sold and even set up a donation table. Make sure you have a QR code and a donation page link pasted in various areas of the venue to make it easier for people to donate. You can even set up a concession stand that visitors can visit during the intermission.

    The Bottom Line

    You can find many more creative, efficient, and unique ways to fundraise for your noble cause to help unprivileged children. Although most of these are physical events, you should think of making them digital by setting up online donation forms and creating social media pages. Make sure you mention the purpose of raising these funds and how they will be used. This can help with raising morale and boosting engagement.

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