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Various Government Schemes For Cancer Patients In India-How Crowdfunding On Ketto Can Help

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    Cancer Treatment Cost

    Cancer is a disease that brings down not only your physical health but mental and emotional health too. The treatment for Cancer costs too much, and many people in India cannot afford the cost of treatment. There are various government schemes for cancer patients in India supporting people going through financially tough times. 

    There is another way to raise money for your treatment by providing medical bills – By crowdfunding. Stats show that more than 80% of the Indians do not have insurance, and the reason is that they are unaware of the benefits they can get from Government schemes. 

    Listed below are the Government schemes for Cancer patients in India and Crowdfunding ideas – 

    1. Health Minister’s Cancer Patient Fund: 

    The following scheme is provided under the ministry of health and family welfare under the Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi. This scheme is for people ‘below the poverty line’ (BPL). 

    How to apply – 

    1. Download the application form from the official government site; fill out the form and get it signed by the treating doctor and the hospital superintendent.
    2. Submit a copy of your income certificate.
    3. Also, submit a copy of your ration card. 

    2. The Health Minister’s Discretionary Grants : 

    The health and family welfare ministry also provides another scheme for people whose income is Rs. 1,25,000 or below. In the HMDG scheme, the government provides a maximum of Rs. 50,000 to the poor people for their treatment. Only those who are not financially eligible will be paid 70% of their total bill. 

    How to apply – 

    1. Download the application form from the official government site; fill out the form and get it signed by the treating doctor and the hospital superintendent.
    2. Submit a copy of your income certificate.
    3. Also, submit a copy of your ration card. 

    3. The Central Government Health Scheme : 

    This scheme is applicable to retired people and dependents of the Central Government. The following scheme covers cancer treatment at approved rates from any hospital, apart from the hospitals under the CGHS scheme. 

    How to apply –

    Download the application form ( and submit the following documents as proof of the eligibility criteria – 

    1. All Central Government employees draw their salary from Central Civil Estimates and their dependent family members residing in areas covered by the CGHS. 
    2. Pensioners/family pensioners of Central Govt. Employees receiving a pension from Central Civil Estimates and their dependents are also eligible for the scheme. 
    3. Sitting and ex-members of the Parliament. 
    4. Ex-Vice Presidents
    5. Sitting and retired Judge of the Supreme court.
    6. Ex- Governors and Lt. Governors. 
    7. Freedom Fighters 
    8. Retired Judge of High Court
    9. Delhi Police Personnel in Delhi only.
    10. Post and Telegraph Department Employees
    11. Railway Board Employees
    12. Journalists accredited under PIB (in Delhi) 
    13. Employees and pensioners of autonomous/statutory bodies who have been extended the facility of CGHS in Delhi. 

    These are the people eligible for the following scheme of CGHS. Provide the documents proving you are or have been an employee of the Central Government to avail the following. 

    4. National Health Protection Scheme : 

    This scheme is an initiative made by the Ayushman Bharat that covers up the cost of 5 lakh rupees per family per year for secondary and tertiary care hospitalisation. 

    5. The Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund : 

    This scheme was originally introduced for the people who have been victims of a natural disaster. But it also provides coverage for kidney transplantation, heart surgeries, cancer treatment and many such treatments are covered. 

    How to Apply – 

    1. Download the application form
    2. Fill out and submit it at the PMO along with two passport size photographs of the patient, a copy of residence proof, an original medical certificate with a detailed condition, income certificate, and estimated expenses. 

    6. State Illness Assistance Funds : 

    This scheme was introduced by the States of India, providing a cost of Rs. 1 lakh to patients going through Cancer treatment in Government Hospitals within the state. There are still some states in India that do not provide this scheme. 

    How to apply : 

    1. Check if your state offers the following scheme.
    2. Download the application form from
    3. Submit your BPL card and two passport size photographs at the Government hospital. 

    7. The Chief Minister’s Relief Funds : 

    The state provides financial assistance to the poor undergoing cancer treatment. Find the complete details for Financial assistance and check the availability in your state at

    8. Crowdfunding – 

    With the importance of the Internet in our lives, raising funds and asking for donations is now easy. You can now reach out to a large number of people at once to explain and ask them to donate. One of the most effective and efficient ways to raise funds is Crowdfunding. Ketto is the largest online platform for fundraising allowing patients and their kins to create a campaign helping them raise funds for the patients. 

    There are various ways to raise funds through a campaign, and when you advertise well, you are able to reach the target goal in a more easy way. These campaigns can be shared across various platforms asking and requesting them to donate any amount of money. Actively posting the campaign on social media increases the reshares and visibility of the campaign. 

    Involvement of NGOs in Fundraising – 

    NGOs involved in the fundraising have certain strategies and ideas planned to help the people in need. Several NGOs in India are run by Cancer survivors themselves. They are the people who come from a place of awareness, those who are able to run effective campaigns motivating people to come forward and put down their donations to save a life, fighting from cancer. 

    Some such foundations are – The Yuvraj Singh Foundation, Nargis Dutt Memorial Trust, and many others. 

    NGOs have the right type of strategies, flexibility and the resources to run a campaign that can attract many people from different locations. Some fundraising ideas can be a way for the people to buy and sell in an event in exchange for donations like – 

    1. Charity Concerts – 

    NGOs can organise concerts by selecting a location, the artist, and promoting the event. A large number of funds can be collected through the selling of tickets. It is not important to hold a physical event, but it can also be a virtual event. 

    2. Marathons and Walks – 

    We all know about the events like marathons and walks that take place to raise funds. These fundraising events are by far the best way to raise donations for a patient. They attract a large amount of money because people participate in such events in large amounts. 

    3. Selling Merchandise – 

    NGOs plan and sell different types of merchandise like T-shirts, bracelets, bags, home decor, etc. People buy products from such NGOs to help raise funds and reach the targeted amount of the donation. 

    4. Tree Planting Events – 

    The NGOs also organise certain tree planting events, inviting people to plant, buy, or sell saplings in return for a donation amount. However, you can attract more people by charging a nominal fee to the event. 

    Crowdfunding for Corporate

    Large corporate companies and corporations have a large number of people working under them. They help in spreading awareness by requesting donations from all employees, generating the sum of money. This helps patients pay for their medical bills and treat the patient. This type of Corporate funding is done for an employee in the office going through Cancer treatment. 

    Also, these Corporate companies have tie-ups with NGOs raising donations. 

    Medical Insurance

    Many people in our country are not able to cover medical expenses because they do not have medical insurance. Or medical insurances that do not cover the Cancer claims. People who do have fixed or sufficient income to afford the high premium rates of medical insurance. For people who can afford medical insurance, it is recommended that you invest your money in medical insurance that covers the cost of cancer treatment. So, if you require it in the future, the hospitals will cover most of your medical bills. 

    Are you looking to raise funds for cancer treatment? 

    How do we start a campaign and make it successful? You need to detail each and everything about the medical bills and the patient’s situation truthfully. Explain in such a way that the donor is able to know how they can make a change. Famous NGOs have the reach and the ability to create awareness. They are able to attract people using their donation strategies, making people understand how their small donation can make a big change. 

    Crowdfunding helps by popularising and raising small donations to reach the target goal. 

    Create a campaign with Ketto for Cancer patients and get help from people all over the world. 

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment