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Most Efficient Ways of Community Fundraising

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    Community Fundraising

    Raising funds for a cause is a wholesome pursuit. Community fundraising is the practice of raising funds at the community level, where people from all walks of life make small donations. It is an efficient way to collect money when the cause you are raising funds for requires enormous sums, which individual contributions cannot fulfil. More popularly, such a way to raise funds is known as crowdfunding.

    In today’s times, with unparalleled digitisation, most things have gone online, and so has fundraising. There is no shortage of fundraising platforms on the web, but the ease and accessibility at Ketto remain unmatched. Your decision to contribute to a cause can bring smiles to the faces of a million people, and we, at Ketto, fully understand that.

    Why community fundraising is a good idea

    Simply put, community fundraising is not just about monetary donations. It is also about socialising, bringing people together for a noble cause, and creating a sense of accomplishment at the community level.

    Here are some reasons why community fundraising is a good idea: 

    • Teamwork: Fundraising requires collaboration; where there is the proper division of work. For example, if you put up books for auction to raise funds, you need to have someone to promote the event, someone else to aggregate the books, someone to manage the finances, among other things.
    • Communication skills: Community fundraising involves talking to people from various ethnicities and backgrounds, which raises your communication prowess.
    • Socialisation: People for people is what the idea of crowdfunding rests upon. It is a fantastic opportunity to socialise with like-minded citizens and make long-term connections.
    • Together for a good cause: The prime objective of raising funds at a community level is to bring people together for a good reason. It helps in alleviating negativity and unrolling positive emotions.
    • Spreading smiles: Eventually, when you raise the required amount within the timeframe, the joy and happiness is unparalleled. The people who raised the amount and the people for whom the funds were raised, both are ecstatic.

     Fundraising ideas for community

    The way to raise funds is no less significant than the amount and the cause. It should be entertaining and engaging for the prospective contributors. You can choose any of the following fundraising ideas for the community and sign up on Ketto, a platform that will put in all the required efforts so that you remain worry-free.

    1. Sports events: Sports unite people. You can use any game to raise funds; from cycle races, walkathons, and marathons to golf tournaments and football matches. This fundraising idea for the community costs less than others and has the potential to attract more donations. You can charge an entry fee from participants and even keep a prize for the winner to motivate them. Getting a sponsor will act as a cherry on the cake. The entry fee and the sponsorship amount go towards charity and can help you recover the costs.
    2. Online activities: The advent of the internet has made it easier to reach many people in one go. An example of such an online activity to raise funds is hosting a virtual movie night and using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., for promotion. You can ask interested people to book their slots and pay a fee for it that goes towards the cause. Allow them to chat together online to maintain a jolly environment. It will help you raise funds and will also help people socialise while contributing towards a cause.
    3. Collaborate with social media influencers: Influencers on social media platforms have a well-built fanbase that can help you attract more funds. Prepare good content that enters straight into the audience’s hearts and pitch it to a social media influencer who likes your cause, and is willing to promote it. You can ask the influencer to develop a creative video to have a more considerable influence on people. It would help to keep in mind to provide your Ketto campaign link to the influencer to make financial contributions convenient for everyone.
    4. Auctions: You can put books, clothing, shoes, sports equipment, or any other thing up for a community auction. Money derived from the event goes to the cause you are supporting. It is a win-win situation for both the participants of the auction and your cause. The former gets the auctioned item, and the latter receives the required funds. 
    5. Food festival: Everybody likes food provided it aligns with their tastes and preferences. You can host a small event with food stalls, and visitors can pay for the food. Charging an entry fee for the food festival is also an option, for people will not hesitate knowing that their payments will go towards a good cause.
    6. Raffle events: You can host raffle events to add to your fundraising campaign. Balloon raffles are a good example, where the people participating are given balloons with a ticket inside them. A random ticket number is generated, and the person holding the lucky number wins the pre-decided jackpot. Proceeds under this come from the entry fee and the price participants need to pay for the balloon. You can also organise 50:50 raffle ticket events, where 50 per cent of the pot goes to the winner, and the rest goes towards your campaign.

    Raising funds for a good cause requires teamwork and consistent efforts. Using these fundraising ideas for the community, you can accentuate your chances of getting healthy donations. When you raise funds for a good cause, it gives those in need a chance to rebuild and infuse happiness into their lives, which is at the heart of Ketto. Through our honest and good services, we always aim to cater to your needs.  Read more such blogs here.

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