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Fundraising For Environmental Causes

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    Fundraising Ideas for Environment

    Environmental changes are accelerating rapidly. What may have been a faraway cause for concern is looming quickly just ahead of us. Our very survival may depend on protecting and saving the environment.

    While there are various agencies to create and implement policies to safeguard and protect the environment, community activities are far more effective. If we raise awareness of the environmental problems surrounding us and do our bit, we can make a difference.

    Ketto is one such platform dedicated to bringing together like-minded people to make a difference. Start your fundraiser today and share it with your relatives, friends, and social media circles to make a noticeable change for the environment.

    The Best Fundraising Ideas For The Environment

    If you are not just concerned about the environment but want to actively work towards saving and conserving the environment, all you have to do is start fundraising for environmental causes. Here are some of the best ideas you can consider while starting an environmental fundraiser to bring together like-minded people to support the cause and make a positive change collectively. 

    Eco-friendly shopping bags

    One of the easiest and best ways to reduce the use of plastic that harms the environment is to carry a shopping bag. Cloth and jute shopping bags are easily washable and reusable. Once disposed of, they are biodegradable, and thus not an environmental hazard. 

    By bringing together a community of people who are aware of the issues of using plastic and are willing to do something to bring about a positive change, you are essentially spearheading a movement on sustainability. Also, buying whole and fresh vegetables is a better option than choosing processed vegetables that are wrapped in plastic. Fresh fruits and vegetables are healthier and more nutritious. 

    Planting trees

    Deforestation is one of the most devastating environmental issues that we are facing.  It is a great idea to start an environmental fundraiser to help plant more trees. Why not urge people to plant trees to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries? Why not encourage people to plant trees in and around their areas so that everyone can have a cleaner and greener community to reside in? Also, trees play a major role in the amount of rainfall a particular place receives. 

    The more trees there are, the better the rainfall of the place. The ecosystem is balanced by trees and the rain. Having many trees also helps the topsoil of the place stay intact and prevents that patch of land from going barren. Wastelands are a huge bane to communities. 

    One of the most alarming issues that have not been given due importance is the effect of genetically modified organisms or GMOs. We find a lot of genetically modified food in the market – seedless fruits, stringless vegetables, greener greens, and so on! While it may seem like it is convenient for us, there is a snowballing effect on the environment. 

    Organic food

    Modifying an organism can alter entire food chains and wreak havoc on the population of various species along the food chain. Various varieties of butterflies and insects have been known to become extinct because of this. Also, the chemicals and fertilizers used to grow crops are affecting the water table, causing the mass death of various aquatic organisms. 

    Fishes in lakes and ponds are affected by these chemicals and fertilizers. We consume the same contaminated fish which is very harmful to health. Thus, it is always better to grow and consume organic crops that are eco-friendly and sustainable in the long run. 

    Carpooling and public transport

    When members of the same colony have to travel to the same area, it is a wise choice to carpool. This is not only fun but also helps you in making a positive contribution to the environment every time you do so. 

    Using public transport is a much better option since up to 50 people can travel in one carbon-emitting vehicle than 50 of them traveling in their own cars, increasing the same emission by 50 times! By starting an environmental fundraiser, we can bring people together to positively impact the environment that we all share.

    Starting an environmental fundraiser is as easy as this

    Starting an environmental fundraiser is just a few clicks away. You can instantly start your very own environment fundraiser with Ketto.

    All you have to do is fill out some information regarding the environmental fundraiser that you want to start and yourself. Once your environmental fundraiser is ready, you can share the same with your relatives and friends.

    They will in turn support your cause and even help you by sharing your fundraiser with other like-minded people. You will not only get support in terms of funds but also in the form of shares and community outreach.

    The fundraiser is easily and directly sharable to all your social media handles.  The funds that you get can be directly withdrawn into your registered bank account hassle-free.

    You can also come up with other fundraising ideas for the environment. You can do your bit to bring together environmentally-conscious people to save and protect the environment.

    Why choose Ketto?

    Ketto has one of the best success rates in the industry. There are more than 55,00,000 donors and the numbers are fast-growing. Ketto tools are easy to use to boost your outreach.

    All the donations can be made by popular payment modes that are used by the vast majority of the population. It also includes international payment support so that you can have more funds and support. You can access expert support on Ketto 24/7.

    Visit to begin your environment fundraiser and do your bit to safeguard and protect the environment. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. It is your time to take that step.

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