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Tips to Manage Stress

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    tips to manage stress

    Stress is a natural part of life that happens to the best of us. It feels like you are under abnormal pressure. This pressure arises from several factors in your daily life. Especially in these trying times, it is tough not to be stressed. But there are many ways to manage stress before it gets too much. Stress does not just affect you mentally, but it hampers your physical well-being as well. Therefore, it is important to set time aside for yourself to de-stress and appreciate life. We have compiled a list of tips to manage stress for you; take a look:

    Regular Workouts

    Working out regularly has proven to be one of the best ways to manage stress. You might find it confusing, but trust us when we say putting physical stress helps relieve mental stress. It stimulates your body to release hormones such as endorphins that enhance your mood. Think of them as natural painkillers. When you work out, your sleep quality improves, and you feel more confident. Indulge in workout routines that you enjoy like walking, dancing, running, cycling, etc.

    Healthy Eating

    Believe it or not, healthy eating does not just make you slimmer but also helps your mental health. Incorporating a healthy diet can minimize the effects of stress and uplift your mood. Healthy eating does not have to be tough, and you can do it easily. Cut down on sugar, fat, and caffeine. Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, nuts, and antioxidants. Give up on processed foods and switch to healthy snacks to indulge in mindful eating.

    Better Sleep Habits

    If you are stressed, you’re likely struggling with sleep. When you don’t get an adequate amount of sleep, it will add to your stress levels. Ultimately, it will result in a cycle of stress. Thus, adopting better sleep habits counts as one of the best tips to manage stress. Start by setting a sleep schedule and follow it rigorously. Avoid using your electronic gadgets, and don’t drink caffeine or alcohol before bedtime.

    Deep Breathing

    When you experience stress, your body goes into ‘fight-or-flight’ mode. During this reaction, your body releases stress hormones, resulting in a faster heartbeat, quicker breathing, etc. When you take deep breaths, your body activates your parasympathetic nervous system. This will slow your heart rate, so you feel more peaceful. Just sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes, imagine a relaxing scenario and take deep breaths slowly, in and out. Keep repeating for a few minutes to relax completely.

    Make Connections

    ‘Man is a social animal,’ remember? Humans are wired to connect; that’s just how we function. Making connections gives us a sense of belonging and self-worth. That is extremely important in such tough times. It is one of the most beneficial ways to manage stress. Whether it is a family member, friend, partner, therapist,  or anyone, you need to talk to them. Spend time with people who are willing to hear you out. It will help you calm down naturally and lower your stress too.

    Relaxing Hobbies

    We cannot stress this enough. You need to take out time to indulge in relaxing hobbies. With the fast-paced environment, we are losing touch with our true selves. Set aside time and do something that makes YOU feel good daily. It can be a great stress-buster. Read books, paint, knit something, dance, listen to music, bake, and more. You don’t even need to do it for hours, just for a little while. 

    Keep a Journal

    It may seem non-effective at first, but journaling allows you to explore your emotions and release stress. When you write things down, you can fully integrate your experiences into your mind. It does not just have to be about writing what stresses you but also about what you’re grateful for. Gratitude can assist you in relieving stress and focusing on the positive side for a better outlook.

    Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries

    While all stress factors are not in your control, some can be. You need to set boundaries so that you can take control of your life. This can change many things, including the causes of stress in your life. Learn to say ‘no’ to people who are doing more harm than good. It might seem selfish, but it’s necessary to be selective about what you take on. There is nothing wrong with setting boundaries to avoid unnecessary load in your life.

    Stop Procrastinating

    One of the most important tips to manage stress is to avoid procrastination. When you stay on top of your priorities, you get better control. Procrastinating often results in acting reactively and being in a hurry to catch up. These reactions will only add to your stress which will hamper your quality of life. Try setting realistic deadlines and organizing your stuff. Most importantly, remember to set some time breaks so that you don’t end up multitasking.

    Take it Easy

    More than often, we put too much pressure on ourselves without even realizing it. Being too hard on oneself does no good. Don’t let the inner critic find faults in you. Remember, it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. We all experience bad days; it’s universal. Make sure you’re keeping things in perspective. Don’t beat yourself up over failures; they’re part of life. Be kind to yourself and take some time out to appreciate yourself.


    While stress is a natural part of your life, it is also important to do your best to reduce it. Please consider nurturing your mental health as a full-time job. You can try experimenting with a mix and match of the tips to manage stress given above. Finally, when you find the combination which works best, stick to it to gain maximum results. It is not an overnight process, but it is certainly achievable.

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