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What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Starting A Crowdfunding Campaign With Ketto?

    Eligibility Criteria For Starting A Crowdfunding Campaign With Ketto

    Unexpected illnesses often bring in a lot of trauma to the family. Extending support can bring them solace. Become a fundraiser or donate and help the needy get a second chance in life. Asking for money or taking loans may not be that easy. This hassle-free platform saves hundreds of lives and helps them live without worrying about loans or debt payments.

    Cancer treatments and organ transplant costs are very high and even require a lot of postoperative care, which is unaffordable for middle-class people. That is when a platform like Ketto acts as a shoulder to lean on. Fundraising raises the money required quickly and efficiently from different parts of the world. It is based on the value that people matter and their self-respect matters.


    This platform uses online crowdfunding to raise funds for medical treatment expenses, or other personal or business causes. Anyone can voluntarily raise funds for the needy, and people can donate voluntarily too. Ketto is one platform where people can raise funds for medical treatment, animal rehabilitation or shelter, education, and many other reasons.

    It works on the model of reaching out to people and conveying your message, and then once a required amount is collected, you can withdraw it for the cause. Ketto is best for fundraising activities as the platform is zero percentage charge, and you can even withdraw money in the middle of the campaign, which you can use for your cause.

    While starting fundraising, the points to be noted are :

    • First, update the correct documents like the hospital records, medical bills, beneficiaries list, and their condition.
    • You should submit the IDs such as Aadhar card, PAN card, and bank details for verification.
    • Once the documents are verified and approved, you can share the fundraising link with other family and friends through social media. Through this, you can get maximum support and collect the amount needed at a faster pace. Every second counts in saving one life.
    • Once the target is achieved, one can withdraw the amount without any hassle and use it for the need.

    Is the Ketto platform genuine?

    While using the platform, the question of its genuineness may arise in one’s mind. It is a definite yes! The experts at Ketto vet the fundraisers and the needy and ensure that they comply with the rules and that the documents uploaded are foolproof. They also have the AML policy (Anti-money laundering) that checks for unlawful activity. You can learn more about the AML policy here.

    The Trust & Safety department also ensures that private information like names, phone numbers, and addresses are kept confidential, and they verify the facts. They also take strict action against any fraudulent activities which come to notice. One also receives email/SMS/WhatsApp update notifications over the following months about the fundraiser supported. Also, one can visit the fundraiser and send a message to the campaigner. As a result, thousands of campaigners and more than one lakh donors have trusted Ketto.

    Ketto assures that the information entered will be kept private, and the donations will be secure. In addition, all transactions are protected by 128-bit encryption. The encryption procedure turns the text into bits of code, which are securely transferred to the payment gateways over the internet.

    How Does Ketto Deal With Fraudulent Campaigns? 

    If any complaint is raised, which can be quickly done by clicking the ‘Report this Fundraiser to Ketto’ button, the Trust & Safety department will examine the complaint and conduct an inquiry to verify the facts. The parties may be called in for further questions, and one can expect the results within five business days. Additional security is provided, along with the ‘seal of assurance’ or ‘Ketto assured’ – a badge of assurance that confirms the authenticity and credibility of campaigns running on the platform. All these methods help avoid fraudulent cases to an extent.

    The actions that Ketto generally takes to deal with the frauds include:

    • Investigating the complaint
    • Notifying the Government about the fraud
    • Deleting the particular fundraisers from the platform

    Before starting a fundraiser, all campaigners undergo a KYC verification based on the submitted legal identity proofs and any other supporting documents that are asked. All campaigners at Ketto are required to enter a digital agreement to raise funds. This agreement ensures that the ethical and legal standards campaigners have to oblige.

    Donors can also quickly request a refund on making a campaign donation or ask for an update on the page to which they have donated. Thus it increases transparency, and the people know if their hard-earned money has reached the beneficiary.


    “Life’s persistent and most urgent question is, “what are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King JR.

    Yes, many around us desperately need our emotional and financial support. But, the joy of giving is the greatest joy of life. No one ever has become poor by giving. Your support can provide many with a second chance in their life. If you want to lend a helping hand to the desperate, you can count on Ketto. The fundraising activities are safe and secured and can give you accountability for your money.

    Crowdfunding helps to reach the goal faster by receiving donations from a large group of people. Thus the medical emergencies that come without warning can be dealt with quickly. In addition, monetary security helps the family/patient to start with the treatment at the earliest. Fundraising activities require consistent effort and determination to benefit society.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

    Start a Fundraiser on Ketto and raise the amount for your treatment