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15 Best Fundraising Campaign Ideas for Underprivileged Children

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    Fundraising Ideas for Underprivileged Children

    Surya, Chavi and Suren are just three faces among millions in India. They are not famous personalities, and the chances of you knowing them are practically zero. The three of them, however, share a common bonding – fundraising for underprivileged children.

    Despite the economic growth and development in the country, there are over 10 million children who call the streets their home. An alarming number drop out of school before they complete the sixth class. Surya, Chavi and Suren have feelings for these children. They became part of Ketto, the online crowdfunding platform.

    15 Best Ideas for Raising Funds

    Crowdfunding, if you are not familiar, is a method of fundraising. It may be through a standard online donation page or an offline event. There is always something to do beyond governmental support for underprivileged children in India, and the collective power of funding can work wonders!

    When the objective is fundraising for a cause, any method is good enough. But to give you a perspective, we bring here some of the popular crowdfunding campaign ideas.

    • Tree Planting 
    • A neighbourhood walk
    •  Locality Cleanup
    •  Cultural Evening
    • Art and Craft Bazaar
    • Food Court
    • A Football Match
    • A walking tour
    • T-shirt Campaign
    • Pet Costume Contest
    • Karaoke night in a restaurant
    • Online campaign
    • Charity Auctions
    • Networking friends
    • Try your Luck- the 50:50 Lottery

    1. Tree Planting

    The idea behind a Tree planting drive is to get sponsors (a pre-fixed amount for each tree) for each tree.  Kids can arrange sponsorship from their family members/relatives. The proceeds after accounting for the organizational cost go to the charity fund.

    2. A neighbourhood walk

    Children (from a school or local area) walk around the locality in fancy costumes. Each child gets sponsors to support.  The event teaches care values to the child, besides organizing money for a good cause. A couple of prizes for the smartly dressed can increase the level of excitement.

    3. Locality Cleanup

    A Locality cleanup event is a perfect opportunity for children to collect pledges from seniors (in the locality) for donation for a deserving cause. The event is a significant one where everyone, from the participating children to the local community members, can show concern and care about the environment and support for a good cause.

    4. Art and Crafts Bazaar

    Whether homemade crafts or a scenic painting, it is always an exciting show when children display their creations. The Art and Craft bazaar on the weekend or during festival time can be a big turnout event.

    5. Food Court

    Setting up a food court to coincide with a school event or a local community programme is another popular idea. Children can organize food from home and contribute the profits from sales to charity funds. 

    6. A Football match

    A match between two neighbourhood schools can generate plenty of excitement. Moreover, paid entry of spectators can raise a good amount of funds.

    7. Cultural Evening

    A Cultural Evening is a time-tested method of raising money for a cause. The performances may be individual or as a team (drama, dance).

    The event can take place in a school or maybe organized in a neighbourhood area. The audience buys entry tickets. Family members and friends of the participating children will undoubtedly love the opportunity to witness the performances of their near ones.

    8. A walking tour

    Several people miss out on the history of their city. Many are interested in a heritage building, a century-old tea shop in a narrow by-lane or a museum housing the private collections of an erstwhile state ruler.

    The tour can be an excellent fundraising strategy benefitting the organizer as well as the participants.

    9. T-shirt Campaign

    A T-shirt campaign is a time-tested method where individuals or organizations sell t-shirts for fundraising for the cause. Success depends on spreading the word using social media or other offline methods. It can be tried both online or offline.

    10. Pet Costume Contest

    Roping in the city kennel club will increase participation. Besides donations from local businesses, you can also look for sponsorship of the event by pet care companies. Paid admission, refreshments will add to the fund.

    11. Karaoke night in a restaurant

    You need to tie up with a restaurant and find a sponsor for the equipment for organizing the popular event, Karaoke night. Guests pay a charge for attendance, and the restaurant can also contribute a percentage of their sales for the evening (the restaurant benefits too, from extra sales and publicity). In addition, attendees can vote for the best performer, who is then offered a token of recognition. The venue of the event can also be a community hall with arrangements for food.

    12. Charity Auctions

    Charity auctions are a perfect fundraising programme and can be organized both online and offline. Moreover, involving celebrities will add glamour to the event and increase participation manifold.

    13. Online campaign

    A compelling story with graphics making it exciting is an excellent way to ask for funds in social media. However, credibility issues are essential and to manage that, tagging the collections to a reputed crowdfunding portal like Ketto may be a good idea. In addition, the need for funds (cause) and how it is to be used is critical information for the donors.

    14. Networking friends

     Networking friends is a successful online campaign strategy. The method of fundraising involves mobilizing volunteers and friends. The volunteers create their pages (on the same theme) for promotion within their network.  However, dedicated software is required for a successful networking campaign.

    15. Try your Luck- the 50:50 Lottery.

    A simple offline and an online option, one can easily organize the 50:50 Lottery on the annual day function of a neighbourhood school. The guests (attendees) buy the raffle tickets, and the lots are drawn at the programme’s close. The winner gets one-half of the proceeds, and the other half constitutes the funds raised. Similarly, it can be arranged online on a pre-fixed date /time.

     It is best to obtain permission from the concerned agencies before arranging the charity fundraiser lottery.

    How to be a fundraiser?

    It is easy to contribute to the cause of underprivileged children; you can raise funds for several activities – a child’s education, medical treatment, or even help someone become a champion athlete and for many more reasons.

    A child welfare fundraiser with Ketto’s online crowdfunding platform is your most simple option to be a fundraiser. You get 24X7 support, transparent dealings, updates on your fundraiser’s progress in real-time. And no joining charges.

    Need Funds for Medical Treatment?

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