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Various NGOs for a Better Environment

    better environment

    With the ever-growing population, human beings’ needs are increasing, and so is the burden on nature. Our environment is standing at a stage where even a flick of harm to our beloved nature can result in a furious outbreak of mother earth. Nature cares for our every need and want. Still, nature does not receive the love and care it deserves. Like our mother, nature gives us everything without asking for anything in return or at any cost.

    Therefore, every individual should realise the significant role nature plays in their lives. We must consider the needs of nature before it stops considering our needs. Like it is said that where there is a problem, a solution exists. For issues pertaining to nature, certain NGOs exist in the country whose sole purpose is to conserve our mother nature in its pristine form.

    Some of the NGO’s committed to serve their mother nature and give back a small fraction of what nature gives to us are –

    Satpuda Foundation

    To protect forests and wildlife and promote sustainable development, Satpuda Foundation has been serving the community since 2001. Satpuda Foundation operates in central India, enclosing the Satpuda landscape. The foundation is dedicated to a broad spectrum of activities like afforestation, spreading knowledge and awareness among villagers and nearby areas about wildlife protection, moisture conservation, switching to cleaner fuels, and organising community meets. However, the NGO further plans to involve local communities in creating awareness for sustainable development and reducing wildlife pressure.

    Vrikshit Foundation

    Founded in the year 2019,  Vrikshit Foundation has successfully run cleanliness drives, tree plantations campaigns, awareness programmes and wall paintings. After the realisation of the significance of clean and breathable surroundings, the Vrikshit Foundation was started.

    Though the NGO is based in Delhi, it has spread across 14 states to comprehend the promotion of sustainability goals of the United Nations. As an emerging NGO, the Vrikshit foundation plans to involve modulating the generation to be more responsible and nature-savvy.

    Swechha India

    Swechha India was initiated in the year 2000. Since then, it is quite active in various activities like campaigns, programs and events, which revolve around three E’s: education, environment and enterprises. Swechha India started with the purpose to be the agent of change to create a difference in society. It is an NGO based in Delhi that strives to create an equitable and sustainable society.

    Greenpeace India

    Greenpeace India was founded in 2001. It is known for its protests against various environmental concerns and promoting solar energy equipment, especially in states like Bihar. Greenpeace India endeavours to campaign against potential threats to the environment and also for making our mother earth a sustainable planet. Although it is an international organisation in India, it is based in New Delhi.

    Awaaz Foundation

    Established in 2006, the sole purpose of the Awaaz Foundation is to protect the environment and prevent pollution, especially noise pollution and sand mining. Known for carrying out several awareness campaigns, educational projects, Awaaz Foundation is currently based in Mumbai. The NGO aims to ensure the growth of the country without costing the environment.


    Kalpavriksh was established in 1979. The NGO has earned its recognition and reputation in the country for its participation in environmental awareness, research, campaigns, litigation etc. Started with a dream to ensure ecological sustainability and social equity, Kalpavriksh is based in Pune, but active members present in Delhi, Bangalore and Dehradun as well.  They are planning to progressively challenge the state’s policy on development and environmental fronts.

    CERE India

    The Centre for Environmental Research and Education (CERE) was established in 2002 with the sole purpose to ensure corporate sustainability. The headquarters are based in Mumbai and are well recognised nationally for their projects like Dhan Gyan, a solar, and an Urban afforestation project. The NGO further plans to offer organisations a carbon management system to increase awareness as well as savings.

    WWF India

    World Wide Fund (WWF) India was established on 27 November 1969 and aimed at protecting the wildlife, sustainability of natural resources, and reducing pollution. They run programmes based on various themes like pollution reduction, awareness generation, protection of marine life, sustainable business etc.  Though it is based in New Delhi, it has a record of active participation in other states. WWF India plans to involve footprint reduction and biodiversity conservation which is like a two-pronged conservation approach.

    NGO’s are the epitome of benevolence in society. The needs of human beings are increasing with the advent of time. With the earth’s deteriorating state in today’s cruel world, the need for NGOs is rising ever more than before.

    These NGOs work for the benefit of society and survive solely on the donations given by society members. Every member of society must contribute according to their will to these NGOs as they survive on the public’s donations. It is because of alike souls only that people with a purpose can contribute and change the picture for good.

    NGOs are a living example that goodness still prevails in society. Let your goodness shine. It takes a good and responsible citizen to care for the needs of others before theirs. But every good soul needs a platform to embrace and spread goodness to the world. With the desire to change the world for good, Ketto gives voice to causes that matter.
    After all, a small donation can also affect several lives. So share your purpose with the world through Ketto and contribute your share to show you care.

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