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Blood Cancer Crowdfunding

    Fundraising for Blood Cancer

    India is witnessing a surge in its population. In the last 10 years, there has been a great rise in the number of cancer patients in India. Leukemia (also known as a type of blood cancer) has not remained a rare disease anymore. The data suggests blood cancer AKA Leukemia is the 10th most common cancer found among men and 12th most common in women.

    Every year India registers over a million cases of blood cancer. Blood cancer is more common among children. Childhood leukemia can be treated with timely diagnosis and the right course of treatment.

    Getting funding via blood cancer crowdfunding offers patients a new chance at life. Ketto is SouthEast Asia’s most trusted crowdfunding platform that helps raise funds for patients who deal with critical illnesses, medical emergencies, and natural calamities.

    What is Blood Cancer Crowdfunding?

    Online cancer crowdfunding campaigns provide a platform where donors can make many small money donations towards blood cancer patients. Such crowdfunding campaigns aim to help patients and their families to deal with illness as donation money can be used for treatment and medical expenses.

    With timely diagnosis and treatment, blood cancer can be cured. But many people can not afford expensive treatments. That’s why Ketto, an online crowdfunding platform, runs blood cancer campaigns to raise awareness and funds for those who need all the help they can receive.

    How does online crowdfunding work?

    A crowdfunding platform helps connect donors and the patient. Cancer patients or their family members can use Ketto online crowdfunding platform to start a free fundraising campaign with no platform fee. Here are some simple steps to start your crowdfunding campaign:

    1. To raise funds, simply create an account on Ketto and log in to start a new fundraising campaign. 
    2. Define your fundraising goal and input other necessary information.
    3. After filling in all details, it will create a campaign page specific to your case.
    4. You can promote your campaign to reach more people.

    Why choose Ketto for blood cancer crowdfunding?

    Ketto is a 100% genuine and transparent platform that understands the challenges faced by cancer patients and their families. It aims to bridge the affordability gap between patients and donors to get timely access to healthcare services. Apart from healthcare infra, money is usually a primary constraint to receive good treatment. Ketto’s fundraising campaigns and success stories reflect its motto of “healthcare for all.” Rs 1100 crore of funding and a network of over 2 lakh fundraisers and 55 lakh donors establish that it is the most preferred choice of a crowdfunding platform.

    1. Expensive cancer treatments:

      Ketto understands how expensive cancer treatments can get. Family members of cancer patients struggle to manage treatment expenses. Diagnosis of cancer itself comes as a shock. Personal savings and medical insurance may not always cover all treatment costs. That’s why Ketto helps to raise funds to cover the cost of medical expenses.

    2. Urgent need of money:

      In many cases, cancer patients need to go through urgent procedures as cancer is also a fight against time. Hospitals or pharmacies may ask for immediate payments for certain treatments. In this case, the donors from online crowdsourcing platforms may be of great help.

    3. Asking for help is tough:

      Cancer diagnosis of a family member already comes as a trauma to the whole family. It is not easy to ask for help. Asking for financial help in person may get awkward. With the use of online crowdfunding platforms, you can avoid this awkwardness and receive money from donors in a much simpler way.

    4. Safe and transparent:

      Ketto is a 100% safe and transparent way to raise funds online for people with terminal illnesses like cancer. You get a real-time dashboard option to check donation figures, multiple modes of payments such as UPI, net banking, and many such benefits while raising funds on the online crowdfunding platform Ketto.

    5. International payment support:

      Ketto’s feature of international payment support removes the barriers in the path of fundraising as you can accept funds from international donors as per their respective currencies.

    6. 24×7 Assistance:

      Online crowdfunding platform Ketto offers complete assistance in raising funds with the help of an online campaign. A dedicated team of experts guides fundraisers at every step.

    7. Trusted brand:

      Ketto’s constant efforts to bring a good change in society with the help of technology make it an optimized platform. Over 674 children were saved from illnesses, and 540 life-changing treatments were funded by Ketto’s donor base.

    8. Insights and promotion:

      Ketto’s intelligent marketing tools help you to optimize your fundraising campaigns and offer valuable insights. It also offers support for promoting your campaigns.

    9. Ketto’s Social impact plan:

      Ketto’s unique social impact plan i.e., SIP that aims to make healthcare affordable. Under this plan,, donors can help with monthly donations towards the treatment of children.

    Blood cancer is getting more common in India. It is a distressing feeling to let your loved ones suffer from this illness. With the online crowdfunding platform Ketto, you can support the cancer fight of your loved ones in a more effective way.

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