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How to Launch a Fundraising Appeal?

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    Launch a Fundraising Campaign

    Crowdfunding or fundraising is a method of raising money to help people overcome social, cultural or economic barriers in their daily lives.

    In order to raise donations, fundraising campaigns need to be a major activity for any organization. It can feel like there are a thousand details to take care of when preparing for a fundraising campaign for your nonprofit organization. You will need to create content for your campaign page, provide resources to the fundraisers, categorize emails, and a zillion other things.

    In today’s world, we must be more imaginative and innovative with regard to raising funds and generating revenue for worthy causes. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t continue to ask for donations; it just means we need to be more strategic about it. Luckily, Ketto provides a hassle-free platform for raising funds in case of any social emergency situation. You can start a fundraiser on Ketto in three easy steps:

    How to start of a fundraiser on Ketto

    You can begin your fundraising journey within only 2 minutes. Ketto asks for a few details for verification of you or the person you are raising the funds for. After verification and signing up on Ketto’s platform, you are all set to begin. 

    Share your fundraiser with friends and family

    The next step is to share the campaign with your friends and family. As Ketto is a well-established and recognised fundraising platform, you will start receiving funds as soon as you complete this step. You can share your fundraiser directly from the dashboard on social media. 

    Withdraw funds

    The funds raised can go directly to your bank account. Ketto uses a Personalized Web App where you can get quick updates on your fundraiser’s progress through alerts, notifications, emails – it keeps track of everything. 

    Ketto also has a Fundraising Marketing tool, which is a highly intelligent marketing tool, providing useful insights into your fundraiser and its progress.

    A fundraising campaign to generate donations is an integral part of all charitable organizations, and while many individuals are eager to donate to their chosen charity, maintaining a database of people, who will continue to donate to you, takes immense effort and commitment.

    To get started, you will need to build a fundraising campaign that captivates people and inspires them to donate money to you. Ketto is the perfect online crowdfunding platform to start any fundraiser.

    Here are some of the best practices you can refer to for a successful fundraising campaign

    Strong branding

    Strong branding serves the dual function of building confidence and trust with your supporters and proving that your fundraising campaign is legit. If your nonprofit’s brand, logo, and colors don’t match with those of your new fundraising campaign, it can be misleading to potential donors. This is especially true if you’re promoting your campaign through many channels such as email, social media, and direct mail solicitations.There are several strategies to keep your branding consistent and apparent across all of your media. You could, for example, design a unique logo for your new campaign that is distinct from your nonprofit’s emblem but uses the same colors.


    You should spread the word about your fundraising event to as many people as possible.

    This can be made possible by:

    • Determining when your campaign will begin and when it will conclude
    • Making a calendar of events and activities for the duration of the campaign
    • Having a remarkable campaign launch event
    • Informing your local newspapers, radio, and television stations about the upcoming campaign and preparing some excellent press releases
    • Telling them about your organization, why you’re conducting the campaign, how much money you’re trying to raise, and what you’re trying to raise it for
    • Making your story as intriguing as possible so that it gets published.

    On Ketto, your campaign can be shared with your friends and family through WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email. 

    A spokesperson to represent your fundraising event

    Who has the best ability to communicate your story? Your best spokesman could be a programme director, the founder or someone who has been affected by your organization’s work. You may want someone who can talk authoritatively or you may want someone with a more personalized approach, such as a client or programme beneficiary. Think about who fits best for your campaign.

    Reliable and secure payment method

    To take donations, use a reputable payment system.

    People are more inclined to donate if they can utilize a payment method they are comfortable with and is secure to work with. These will frequently include payment protection mechanisms that will safeguard the funds. We recommend donors send money using an existing online funding platform or a well-known payment transfer mechanism. On Ketto, you can withdraw your money at any point of time, during the course of your fundraiser. Ketto also has an International Payment Support System which accepts donations in various forms of currencies from every nook and corner of the world. A Ketto fundraiser has secure and safe payment encryption technology. Your money is stored securely until you’re ready to withdraw through electronic bank transfer.

    If possible, avoid using your private bank accounts for transfers of money. If you use a personal account, you risk being accused of fundraising for self-gain. If the fact that the money is not your own income is challenged, you may have to face tax repercussions.

    Lastly, anticipate people’s queries and answer them before they are even asked. Also, take periodic feedback for improvement.

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