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How to Organize Events for Fundraising?

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    Organize Fundraising Events

    Did you know approximately 72% of all the charity that’s done in a year comes from individuals and the rest comes from different institutions. Raising money for someone who is unable to do that is now called crowdfunding though there are so many other methods as well.

    Some non-profit organisations host events to get their crowdfunding and some simply do some online posts. But these are not the only ways and one of the best amongst all is hosting events. You will see many fundraising programs being organised by the communities every now and then. So, if you too are willing to host one, here are some steps that you should follow to successfully host an event for your fundraising.

    Defining the cause is important

    Like we generally do in many things, before we host an event, it is necessary to define the cause of that event. First you should know what that event is for; then you must tell others what they will get from it. Getting clarity on this is also important from the planning point of view. Your promotional strategies will highly revolve around these causes. Therefore, the first step to bring your event into motion is to pen down its causes. 

    Set a goal

    When your cause is defined, the next thing that’s needed to organise an event is to set goals. The main goal for your event will be raising money by convincing people of your cause but how much money you will raise depends on a lot of factors. In this, there are several avenues that can be considered like live auction, ticket sale, and silent auction. But one of the best avenues is through online crowdfunding platforms.

    If you are relatively new in this profession, your primary goal should not be raising money for someone. It should be to spread awareness amongst people. Let them know about your existence and how you are trying to make a difference in people’s lives. 

    Create your budget

    Now, once you have gone through the initial two steps, your real deal begins. Most fundraisers are non-profiting. They turn up all the money raised to the person they have done that for. So, you need to have some other source of creating liquidity in your brand. Until you have enough money to go grand, you will have to create a budget for your work. You should know what the budget is so that you can cover it up with the raised money. 

    When you think about how to organise events for fundraising, this is surely going to be a very crucial point to be noted. Once your finances are done right, you would know the extra expense. It is said that never let your finances unchecked. 

    Tag your target audience

    The next thing on your list is to pinpoint your audience. Once you know your audience, you will be able to plan for your event better and then market it. Your latter part will be only done correctly when you will know your audience. How will you now find out your target audience? This can be done by bottlenecking your charity’s appeal. Which is the community you want to target during the event. 

    Is it going to be for a local cause or something universal. And so on. Just think of a few points that are important and generic. Pen down the answers for all those questions because this will help in getting a better event. 

    Finding a venue

    Now with all the strategic steps done right, you will now have to go for finding a venue. Mark this as a point that you can only find a perfect venue when you understand and list all the above points. While finding a venue make sure that you do not choose the traditional one. Rather go for non-traditional options and try to infuse the flair with your event. Go around to find the best venue. There are several owners who give a huge discount to the person hosting the fundraising event. Whereas there are a few who simply donate their space. You can contact or collaborate with any of those. 

    Aggressively market your event

    Several online crowdfunding platforms never understand the need of marketing their event or posts aggressively. But don’t make the same mistake because the more aggressively you market your event the more people will know about it. The more people know about your event, the better chances to make it big. 

    Go for digital platforms, use email marketing, content marketing, and similar other things. Advertising your event is also important. One of the best ways to market your event is through social media. Make appropriate handles on different social media platforms and then post regular updates with dates of your event. This will help you in catching more eyes and attention than ever before.


    If you are a newcomer or a starter in this field, you need all the help you can get. Being an online crowdfunding platform is not an easy task and that too in a world like this. A place where people generally think cases like these to be fraudulent.

    Showing how genuinely you want to help others, especially those who are unable to get medical attention is really important. In India there are a lot of such organisations and one of them is Ketto. We have been in the field since 2012 and have helped a lot of people in the past years. So you can tap into our know-how while following the above steps for organizing fundraising events.

    Sushant Peshkar
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