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Tips To Adopt For Your Nonprofit Fundraising During COVID-19

    Raising Funds During COVID-19

    The Covid-19 world as we know it has changed our lives like never before. This pandemic has made an impact on almost all economic sectors. Charitable organizations have also been affected by the effects of this pandemic.

    If you are a fundraising nonprofit organization, you would have noticed a change in the way you deal. Don’t worry; you are not alone as everyone is going through the same. The important thing, however, to do in these circumstances is to adapt. 

     You need to adapt regarding the donations requests, volunteers, needy people, and community. Some crowdfunding nonprofits, who can’t cope, decide to put efforts on hold. This is a mistake that many nonprofits make. 

    Instead of stalling your fundraising, you must try to adapt to the altered reality. Keep on reading for useful tips to adapt your nonprofit during the pandemic.

    You may not pay much attention to this first point. However, we urge you to think over this again. Of course, as a nonprofit, you build a certain level of understanding with your community.  In fact, as a nonprofit, you may be interacting with community members, partners, donors, volunteers every day. 

    However, the million-dollar question is- why have they been supporting you over up until now? Do you know the reason why they were attracted to your nonprofit in the first place? Finding the true answer to these questions is what we mean by understanding the community.

    Effective Communication

    Asking for financial donations is the most crucial aspect of any crowdfunding campaign. This aspect has become very delicate during the Covid-19 pandemic. Communication is the key to the success of fundraising during times of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

    Effective communication will build a strong bond between your nonprofit and donor prospects.  It is very important to tell all the information about your noble cause to the supporters. So, try to create profound emotional connections with your donors. Afterwards, you should communicate your nonprofit’s capacity to them.

    Below are some tactics that you may use to pitch your noble cause to prospects:

    • Listen carefully to what the donor prospects have to say
    • Understand the capacity of your donors
    • Don’t focus only on the needs of your nonprofit
    • Create an inspiring but true story that builds an emotional connection
    • Adopt a professional and patient approach 
    • Do not make your pitch complicated; stay to the point, direct, and simple
    • Prepare adequately before you begin

    Inspire Action

    During the Covid Pandemic, people are forced to stay inside. This builds up frustration in people due to their inability to make a difference. Even if people want to help, they won’t be able to. Thereby, they feel paralyzed. 

    In such a scenario, an online crowdfunding platform has a great opportunity to take advantage. People who are frustrated due to their lack of help make for worthy potential donors. 

    An important point to remember is that you should think beyond donations. Think about focusing on those outlets that can reach the people in your community. This way, the people would feel like they are being useful during the pandemic. The frustrated individuals would be significantly motivated by this.

     A good example here is that of the American nonprofit ‘Habitat for Humanity’. The nonprofit has an advocacy box on its website’s homepage. This box implores supporters to “Act now!” and tell Congress regarding their support. 

    Habitat for Humanity asks its supporters to tell Congress that they provide support during Covid-19. All of this can take place by filling a simple online form.

    Use Technology to Host Events

    Technology is perhaps the biggest asset for a nonprofit during Covid. With in-person events out of the question, a nonprofit will have to rely on technology. So, they must adapt to make the most of technology. Technology is a very effective alternative for in-person meetings.

    This is the time for your nonprofit to host virtual fundraising events. If you have no experience in this area, then go ahead and learn. Learn how to include technology in your fundraising strategy. It’s not rocket science and you can learn all about it in no time.

    Virtual fundraising events have another advantage also. These events will significantly reduce health risks to supporters.


    There is no doubt that the Covid pandemic has changed our lives. Whether it will be for the better or worse is up to us and how we adapt to it. As a nonprofit, you also need to rethink your fundraising strategy and adapt. We hope that the tips presented here will be useful for any nonprofit.

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