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How is the Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting the Crowdfunding Community?

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    How is the Coronavirus Pandemic Affecting the Crowdfunding Community?

    The coronavirus pandemic has unleashed uncertainty across the globe, especially among the crowdfunding community. With so much uncertainty looming around public health and economy, it is natural that the tightly knit crowdfunding community feels anxious. As also individuals starting new campaigns, you may feel concerned about how the pandemic will affect you.

    The effects of covid-19 have indeed rained down heavily onto crowdfunding. Let’s see what you can do to ensure your current or upcoming crowdfunding campaign remains on the track to success during this uncertain time.

    Should you postpone the campaign launch date?

    Covid-19 is here to stay. You be the judge and make a decision that works best for you. However, here are some things you should know before giving your final verdict:

    1. Start your campaign right away:

    Governments have discussed stimulus plans, however many entrepreneurs, NGO’s, and individuals have gone ahead and started crowdfunding on online platforms. 

    If your business, NGO or Organisation is considering a crowdfunding campaign to dampen the brunt of financial losses due to covid-19 visit ketto crowdfunding and start campaigning.

    You can start raising funds in under 2 minutes with just a few details about yourself and the cause you are raising funds for.

    1. Manufacturing potential:

    China is the world most prominent manufacturer and exporter of products big and small. The coronavirus pandemic has hampered the manufacturing and shipping of china and nearly all other countries. Have you launched your project? If not, then you would want to think about alternative ways for manufacturing your product-this could mean working in collaboration with other local companies.

    1. Similar trends in project categories:

    Currently, there is no noticeable decline in backer pledges, you may, however, want to delay or rethink creatively how you plan to release projects. An event might not be a great idea. Its feasibility shortly looks bleak due to the social distancing directives that are being placed into action by governments across different countries.

    What is the response of crowdfunding platforms during covid-19?

    Ketto has waived off the platform fees for new campaigns that qualify for this program. 

    How does Ketto’s “Zero Platform Fee” model work? 

    On completion of 8 years and to celebrate this, Ketto announced “ZERO Platform Fees.”

    Yes, Ketto will charge zero platform fees on all fundraisers. Only payment gateway fees are applicable, which goes directly to the service providers, e.g. Paytm. 

    This new zero per cent platform fee ensures more money for your causes.

    How has covid-19 affected ketto?

    Ketto has not noticed any decline in business or shifts in customer behaviour since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. This phase is, without a doubt, unchartered waters for all platforms. No one knows what the future holds. And the data does not reflect any specific areas of concern. 

    Currently, our team is healthy, and everyone is set up with the tools and support needed to work from home. We are well prepared and continue to give our customers, creators, backers, and campaigners the best service. 

    Here’s what you can do as a creator

    Community and service is the foundation on which crowdfunding works. This is the best time to reach out to your supporters, friends and family and intensify the relationship. Remember to remain transparent and inform your backers immediately if you face any issues.

    “When the going gets tough the tough get going” – coach K. Rockne.

    Here’s what you can do as a backer

    As part of a healthy community, we should all gather together to fight out challenging situations like these. As a backer show, your support—let creators realise that you understand their predicament and how difficult it is what they are doing. If you are capable of pledging, remember creators and campaigners need your help now, and this is the right time. If you cannot pledge monetarily, you can support by sharing campaign pages on your social media accounts and urge your friends to do the same. 

    Here are some tips for managing your campaign during this covid-19 pandemic

    Right now, with the uncertainty looming every campaigner is thinking about how best to manage their live campaigns-or if you should continue with the launch of your new campaign. It is absolutely safe to launch your campaign successfully on ketto. Two recent movements such as Hunger During Covid19 and Milkar For Mumbaikar reached their funding goals respectively.

    Crowdfund or not During the coronavirus Pandemic?

    The above examples show clearly that it is entirely safe and possible to run a successful crowdfunding campaign during this pandemic. You just need a little planning and preparation. Plenty of platforms are offering individuals, organisations and NGO’s assistance, especially for starting new campaigns. 

    Here are 3 Simple Ways You Can Help During The Coronavirus Crisis.

    So, if you are considering launching your next crowdfunding campaign, now’s the time!

    Visit Ketto today and start fundraising for free.

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