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How the Unity in Diversity Story is Alive Through Crowdfunding on Ketto?

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    Crowdfunding, a practice that involves raising funds from a large number of people, has helped many sectors of society. It has brought unity in diversity in the sectors where individuals can raise funds for their emergencies. 

    In a community where some people are deprived of basic financial aid, crowdfunding can help them. For instance, a child can avail of their education rights, get proper medication, and many such services through crowdfunding. 

    As crowdfunding helps people gain such momentum, we can find that it is a true medium that creates unity in diversity stories in a country. People from various walks of life and communities come together and raise funds for a particular cause. We must admire such unity in diversity in our country, where everyone comes to our help when anyone of us is in need. 

    Crowdfunding is one of the best ways through which people offer support financially. But, do you know what this crowdfunding is and how it raises funds online to become a helping hand for a person? 

    Let us first understand what crowdfunding is. 

    What is Crowdfunding? 

    Crowdfunding is a medium to raise funds for a specific reason in society. It is a source through which people can contribute to society. We can raise this fund for various social, economic and personal reasons. 

    In simple words, crowdfunding is a practice that helps provide monetary funds to overcome a social, economic or financial setback. Therefore, it saves many people from the financial crisis and proves to be the best source to raise funds and solve their problems. 

    We do crowdfunding online, and therefore, you can find various websites that promote the ideas of a specific person who requires financial help. 

    Ketto is a leading online crowdfunding website that has raised millions of funds and become a saviour for thousands of people. It has also contributed to Unity in Diversity Stories, where there are no boundaries. Everyone contributes funds as a human being to follow humanity. 

    As we are clear with what crowdfunding is, we must also understand how these crowdfunding websites work. 

    How Do Crowdfunding Websites Work? 

    Crowdfunding websites have some simple procedures to raise funds to help people. People in need of financial help can post a story about it on the website. They need to mention the limit of funds and how much fund is required. 

    Once the post is published, the website promotes such causes among people who contribute their funds and become a part of the Unity in Diversity Story

    There are many crowdfunding websites, but do you know how they help people? 

    Crowdfunding represents humanity. When there is a contribution in the crowdfund, it shows the humanitarian qualities. It increases unity because unknown people with different backgrounds help each other. 

    There are many such instances on the Ketto platform, too, where crowdfunding helped many lives and proved the story of Unity in Diversity correct. So, let us look at some cases where we can find how people from various communities gathered together to help a person through crowdfunding on Ketto.  

    Various Instances of Unity in Diversity Stories on Ketto platform

    We have heard that India is a land of diversity with various religions, castes, communities, regional diversities, languages, and other factors that make us different. We have also read in histories about some Unity in Diversity stories where people forgot about their identity and helped each other only for the survival of humanity. 

    In this modern age, too, we can find such examples where people have helped each other without considering caste, religion or any other identifier. This specialty of Indian diversity is to help people in need without expecting anything in return.  

    Let us understand some major examples of finding Unity in Diversity through crowdfunding on Ketto. During COVID-19, this crowdfunding platform was the leading forum that helped millions of people. It proved that calamity brings people together for help. There are many such instances like:

    If we talk about a crowdfunding instance, we can never forget Reena Trivedi and her daughter Upahar. 

    Reena belonged to Bihar, and unfortunately, her daughter Upahar was diagnosed with Blood Cancer at the age of 14. She came to Mumbai for the best cancer treatment, and doctors suggested a bone marrow transplant. 

    But the cost for such a diagnosis was beyond the imagination of Reena. It has approximately cost of 10 lakh. She somehow got to know about Ketto and started a fundraising story, and you won’t believe that she hit her 10 lakh limit within two days. People from various sectors of life helped her get her daughter cured. 

    It is the best example we can find of how crowdfunding Ketto is assisting people to save their lives and creating a milestone for humanity.   

    Some of us would have a maid in our house, and they work to help our families with household chores and help them financially by working in the household.

    But, have we ever thought about how such a maid suffers from their problems? 

    Yet they work enormously without complaining about their life. 

    One such incident shook Nithya, where his maids, Madina and Meena, suffered from the financial crisis and had sleepless nights. Madina lost even one of her sons because of typhoid, from which she could not save him. She also had unfair debt, for which her other son left his studies and worked late nights. 

    So, when Nithya came to know about these problems, he decided to start a campaign, help them, and provide some financial benefits. He started a Ketto campaign, and to his surprise, there were many people with 128 backers who raised around 300000 and helped them. 

    This incident helped set an example of how crowdfunding on Ketto broke the rich and poor class boundary and proven to be Unity in Diversity Story

    Surya, who hails from Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, reminisces his childhood days when he studied in a small school in a make-shift room. There were many girl children deprived of education facilities, and there was no proper education system in the district. 

    So, after completing his college education at Lucknow University, he started a school in his village that supported many children, both girls and boys, to enlightenment themselves with education. 

    But, Surya still had something else in his mind. He wanted more facilities for his children in the school, so he started a campaign for the library on Ketto. 

    To his surprise, he found that with merely 70 backers from various parts of the country, he raised funds of around 4 lakh. This money helped him build a spacious library in the school for his children.  

    With this example, we can find that such instances make us believe that humanity is still alive, and when the time comes, we all help each other and be it for any cause. 

    Prajakta was petrified when she got the news of Budd Chiari Syndrome in her daughter. It is indeed shocking news for any parent. 

    Her daughter required an urgent transplant for her liver, and Prajakta could not afford it. At the same time, she started a campaign for her treatment on Ketto, which resulted in a tremendous response. Now, her daughter can lead a happy childhood again.  

    So, this proves that there is Unity in Diversity, and when a person is in need, the other person helps them. 

    Final Thoughts 

    So, with these few examples, you can understand how the Unity and Diversity story is alive through crowdfunding on Ketto. There is a sense of helping people in need throw their worries out of the box to lead a normal life again.  

    So, Ketto has helped people in reaching this success and helping people in many ways across all sectors, be it animal treatment, business, education, medical need or any other field. 

    We often think that people don’t pay heed to a social cause. Still, such examples prove that there is humanity among people. Despite having varied grounds, people come together and become a part of Unity in Diversity Story

    Do you also want to raise funds and help people through crowdfunding?

    Then, visit the Ketto platform, fulfil the simple procedure, and start a campaign about your fundraising story. Learn more about it on the Ketto platform and gain information about crowdfunding to save people’s lives.  

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